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Who Is PEO? How Can We Assist?

Previously known as Queensland Community Service Employers Association, Positive Employer Outcomes (PEO) is an organisation dedicated to assist community sector employers with extensive Industrial Relations support.  

Industrial matters affecting employers in this sector are particularly complex and often represent a challenging minefield for employers to navigate. Employees have always had assistance from Unions, but until the formation of PEO, many employers in community service organizations did not have the benefit of specific assistance tailored for not-for-profit community organizations.

PEO thus sets out to support them in this aspect. As an employer advocate, the organisation also seeks to ensure the voices and needs of all members are heard and met.

With the given support, PEO aspires to attain positive outcomes for all employers in the process.

Therefore, with this intent in mind, PEO was established.



PEO Main Committee

PEO is currently headed by a group of experienced community service professionals (TO BE UDPATED)

Melissa Hart, President

To ensure that the aims and objectives of PEO are pursued, Melissa assumes the Vice-President role of the organisation. She provides much needed support to Jennifer, PEO’s President and plays an active role in campaigning PEO to the community services sector industry. Moreover, Melissa also has strong expertise in strategic management advice and industrial relations. 




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